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We would like to acknowledge Bob Dixon’s
contribution to this project. Bob was a former
teacher at Risinghill and has provided us with a
wealth of information. When he heard that we
were researching material for a sequel to Leila
Berg’s book, he kindly handed over his
personal archive of papers and press cuttings
relating to the school. His one stipulation was
that we catalogue the material and put it in a
suitable archive - where people will make use
of it - once we had finished writing our own

Bob has had several books published and has
just finished writing his latest, entitled ‘The
Wrong’. For further information about Bob,
please use the link below to read Bob’s profile.

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This page is the Risinghill ex-teacher page. It provides links to our teacher related pages including our teachers' bulletin, our teachers' questionnaire and any other material sent in by ex-teachers.

If you are an ex-teacher and you want your profile added, please email us using the link provided below. Thank you.