Here I sit in my little pad.
What a sight – very sad!
I only wanted a little from life,
a car, a house and maybe a wife.
But my wishes did not come true,
and now I’m feeling a little blue.

When I was young I said to myself,
“Now you’re a lad who deserves some wealth”,
so I mixed in with a little gang,
doing raids until things got out of hand.
A couple got picked up and were taken to the nick,
and that’s when I did my vanishing trick.

A few weeks later, I met this man,
who said he was going to raid a train.
“It’s worth a mint”, he emphasised,
and his eyes glazed and opened wide,
I felt a need I’d never had before,
so I went along with him to hear some more.

Finally, the day arrived. We met at a farm.
We were given food and firearms.
As the hour drew near, we positioned ourselves
alongside the rails.
The light was fixed to read stop.

The train approached quickly at first.
I thought it was going to go by but then
the brakes I heard,
the driver saw the signal was red.
The next minute he was practically dead.
This upset me, I fainted at the sight,
and now here I am telling my plight.

You won’t read about me in the papers.
I’ll just serve my sentence,
and, in the future, I know,
when I see a train I’ll let it go.


Derek Pace (5 Sec 1)



That Rocker there, dressed in black
silver studs all down his back.
He’s wearing leather from top to toe
he’s broken his ‘Bonneville’ and he can’t go,
to fight the Mods, to fight the Mods,
just to fight the Mods.
If you don’t know how to do it
I will show you how to fight the Mods.

Terry Hartles (2C)