John Bailey - Risinghill Revisited Web Site Author


I must confess, I only found out about the schoolís history and the research groupís work when I looked on Friends Reunited to see if an ex-girlfriend of mine had added herself to the schoolís list of ex-pupils and unfortunately, she was not on it at that time. (please see 1964-1965 below if you want to know a little more). However, Friends Reunited had added a comprehensive page on the history of the school and once Iíd read it I decided to get a copy of Leila Bergís book. I found I couldnít put it down and the outcome made me livid. There had been a travesty of justice and I thought the story would make a good screenplay; especially as stories about the sixties are in vogue at the moment.

I went back to the school notice board and saw that a small group of ex-pupils were doing some research with the objective of producing a sequel to the book. I asked them if they thought a web site would help their project and I said I could help. So here I am. If anybody has any photographs or items of memorabilia associated with the school, please email me using the link below.


As a messenger, I had to attend the City Day College in Bunhill Row one day a week. In September 1964 I met Linda Hayes, an ex-Risinghill pupil. She was doing a secretarial course and we were both in the same art class. There was a mutual attraction between us and we very soon started going out with each other. She said it was my parka that first attracted her to me (what a cheek!). When I realized she used to go to the infamous Risinghill, I was worried about how I would be received by her family and friends. What was I letting myself in for? Her family and friends were absolutely great and her parents seemed a lot better off than mine. They were always having parties and they treated me like one of the family, which was just as well as I practically lived in their flat in Barnabas House, Kings Square Estate. After I passed my motorbike test in November 1964, we would show off by riding up and down every High Road (Wood Green and Tottenham mainly) and hanging out in burger bars. We hardly ever wore our helmets as that was considered un-cool. We went to a great deal of parties in 1965 and often there were ex-Risinghill pupils there so some of you may have met me. Love only lasted until December 1965 and I spent three month feeling sorry for myself. Then I met my wife to be and all was well.