Book Update

April 2010


Our apologies for the long delay in giving you a progress report on the book. Some pupils have emailed us direct, asking if it is finished!

Unfortunately we still have some way to go. Work and family commitments continue to take up a lot of our time, so we have not been able to give the project as much attention as we would like. Nevertheless we can report that the research has now been completed – much to our relief – and that most of the chapters are in draft form. We hope to post the Introduction on the website in the not too distant future to give you a feel for what the book is all about.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to complete a Questionnaire and/or provide direct feedback on the school. The response has been fantastic. Although the data has now been analysed, please keep the Questionnaires coming as the information provided will, eventually, become part of the Duane archive held at the Institute of Education (IOE). When the book is nearing completion we will, of course, contact you to obtain your permission to do this.

Through the website, we would also like to thank Leila Berg, who has provided a Forward for the book. Like everyone else, Leila is impatient for us to finish it! So too is Margaret Duane. Margaret was kind enough to donate a box full of audio recordings made by Michael that were found in the attic of Joanna Bramwell’s house. Joanna contacted us via the website about her find in 2008. So intrigued was she with the Risinghill story that she immediately purchased a copy of Leila’s book! The box is a treasure trove which will go to the IOE, along with Bob Dixon’s archive, once we have finished with it. So thank you Joanna for posting the box on. And thank you Margaret for trusting us with Michael’s recordings. It was strange to hear his voice after all these years!

Included in the box was a paper on A S Neill and Summerhill, which we have posted on the website. Click here for link.

We hope you will find it of interest.

Isabel and Lynn
April 2010





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