Teachers List          
  The latest list of Risinghill Teachers ( 1960 1965)  (updated December 2010)  (AJF)  
  Teachers Name   Department   Other Information    
  Michael Duane   Head Teacher   deceased  
  Miss E.L. Austen   Deputy  
  Mr. D. Caldwell   Deputy/ Senior Master    deceased  
  Mr A.J.Hall   Snr Master & Head of Defoe 2/5/60-20/12/60 (Accepted post with University Of London)  
  Mrs Kit Gardner    Senior Mistress    deceased  
  Mr. Butterfield   Head of House   Head of Johnson   2/5/60-31/10/61 Accepted post in Middx
  Mr. H. Wilson   Head of House   Head of Johnson  
  Miss. P.E.Myers   Head of House   Head of Fox  
  Mr. Lewis   Head of House   House tutor Fox  
  Miss Beryl Bride   Head of House   Head of Blake - now Beryl Wade  
  Mr G Osborne   Head of House   Deputy Head of Blake  
  Mrs. M.A. Clayton   Head of House   Head of Keats  
  Miss J. Steggall   Head of House   Head of Milton May 1960- July 1961   
  Mrs. H.S. Marmot   Head of House   Head of Milton  
  Miss M Coates   Head of House   Head of Defoe  
  Mrs. M Aspinall    Head of House   Deputy Head of Defoe  
  Mr M.K.Flood   Head of Art   2/5/60-22/7/60 (returned to Manchester)  
  Miss A. Bowen   Art  
  Miss Adams   Art  
  Miss Fenoughty   Art   Married Mr Catchpole  
  Miss S.A. Peters   Art  
  Mr J. Lavery   Art  
  Mr. J.B. Rogers   Art   Head of Department  
  Mrs R Mellor   Art  
  Mrs. B.A. Hopkins   Art  
  Ann Ovenden   Commerce  
  Miss I. Denham   Commerce  
  Mr. Geoff Roland   Commerce   Could be spelt Rowland  
  Mr. H. Wilson   Commerce  
  Mrs. Ann de Swarte   Commerce   Head of Dept. & Secretary of PTA  
  Mr.J.G.White   Head of English   2/5/60-28/7/61 Accepted post in Hampstead  
  Dr. C.P.Rawson   Head of English   1961-  
  Mrs. B.R. Hester   English   Sister of Miss Bowen- 2/5/60-28/7/61 Accepted post in Middlesex  
  Mrs .E.Y. Lock   English   2/5/60-28/7/61 Resigned domestic reasons  
  Miss McKee   English   Tutor (Defoe) * check Johnson or Defoe  
          2/5/60-28/7/61 Leave of absent then transferred to Barnsbury  
  Miss .J.Moore   English   2/5/60-29/3/61 To Spain  
  Miss R.McBride   English   2/5/60-20/1/61 Transferred to Shelburne  
  Mrs Williams/Wilson   English  
  Mrs. F.P. Devall   English   Library  
  R.T. Dixon (Bob)   English  
  Mrs C.C.Rabstein   English    (deceased)  
  Mr.J.Beresfords   English/ R.E.   2/5/60-20/12/60 Transferred to Hugh Myddleton  
  Miss Flora. Rosenberg French   *married whilst at Risinghill - Mrs Joe Melia  
  Mr. B. Cherfils   French   Head of Mod Lang 2/5/60-20/12/60 Accepted post in Sweden  
  Mrs Hill   French  
  Ms Collins   French  
  Terence Constable   French  
  Mr. D. Willis   Geography   Head of Dept.   
  Mrs. M Aspinall   Geography  
  Miss D.F.Johnson   Geography   5/9/60-28/7/61Accepted post in Midlands  
  Miss J.E.Phillips   Geography   5/9/60-20/12/61 Accepted a post in Surrey  
  Miss J.P. Roney   History  
  Mrs Murphy   Maths   Head of Department ?  
  Mr. R.E. Nunn   Maths   Head of Department   -2/5/60-20/12/61 Accepted post in Hastings
  Miss Mitvoch   Maths  
  Miss. B.S.H. Adams   Maths  
  Mr. J.C. Carter   Maths  
  Mr. M.S. Brown   Maths  
  Miss Anne Burton   Music  
  Miss L.E. Knowles   Music  
  Mr.Bill  Ashton   Music   Also French/Social Studies  
  Mr. R.J. Yon (Keith)   Music/Drama    (deceased)  
  Miss C.D. Watson   Needlework  
  Miss Mackenzie   Needlework  
  Mrs L.Temple   Needlework  
  Mrs. I. Kinderleit   Needlework  
  Mrs. N.A.Kilroy   Needlework  
  Mrs. P. Swan   Needlework   Head of Dept.  
  Miss M.C.Ray   Needlework   2/5/60-22/7/60Accepted post nearer home (Lewisham  
  Mr. H.J.Clayton-Jones Head of PE   2/5/60-28/7/61(Domestic reasons)  
  Mr J.K.Dilling   PE   2/5/60-28/7/61 (returned to Kent)  
  Miss M Evans   PE   2/5/60-22/7/60 Married and moved to Hull  
  Mrs.P.H. Herbert   PE   2/5/60-28/7/61 transferred to Tudor  
  M.W. Dulin   PE   Football  
  Miss A.E. Hedderick   PE   Girls  
  Miss B. Caister   PE      
  Miss R. Russell   PE      
  Mr. C. Cox   PE   Head of Department  
  Mr. K.G. Lyn   PE   Boys  
  Mrs. P.G. Kernick   PE   Girls  
  Miss M. Doherty   R.I.      
  Miss B.E. Loveridge   R.E./Science   5/9/60-20/12/61 Accepted a post at Owens Girls  
  Miss E.M.Trevorrow   R.E./Music   2/5/60-18/11/60 to Canada  
  Mr. H.E. Woolhead   Head of Dept. Technical Studies, Transferred to Sir Philip Magnus after Risinghaill closed  
  Mr. A. Murphy   Engineering  
  Mr. Chapman   Technical Drawing   May-60  
  Mr S. Lesser   Technical Drawing   Replaced Mr Chapman latter part of 1960  
  Mr. K. Hardon   Woodwork  
  Mr. G.L. Osborne   Woodwork  
  Mr. A.A. Parkins   Handicraft workshops      
  Mr. Price   Workshops  
  Mrs. J. Gilbert   Housecraft  
  Mrs. J. Pappioannou   Housecraft  
  Mrs. M. Fry   Housecraft  
  Mrs  J.P. MacKeith   Housecraft   2/5/60-died 9/10/1961  
  Miss J.Rothwell   Housecraft   2/5/60-20/12/60 Married & moved to Norfolk  
  Mrs P?   Domestic Science  
  Mr. T.B.Child   Head of Science   2/5/60-29/3/61 Accepted post at Haberdashers Aske's Hatcham  
  Mr. E.C. Styles   Science   Head of Dept. Science  
  Mrs .J.E.Goodfellow   Science   2/5/60-29/3/61 (Domestic Reasons)  
  Mr.A,Phillips   Science   2/5/60-20/12/60 Accepted psot with Borough Polytechnic  
  Mr. Brock   Science   Dr Brock?- Hungarian?  
  Mr. A.B. Rasekoala   Science  
  Mr Pat Evans   Science   Head of Biology (deceased)  
  Mr Bronstein   Science  
  Mrs.L.N.J.Athisayan   General -4g.5   11/9/61-2012/61 Accepted post in Middlesex  
  Mr. Bhadragiri    General subjects  
  Mrs. N. Lewis   General subjects  
  Miss M.A. Simpson   General subjects and History  
  Miss Jones   General subjects and Games  
  Miss P.E. Myers   General studies and English  
  Mrs. M.A. Clayton   General studies and R.I.  
  Mr. H. Burch   Remedial   Head of Remedial  
  Mrs P.S.Bhasin   Remedial   2/5/60-28/10/60    Returned to India  
  Miss K.M.Bristow   Remedial   2/5/60-28/7/61    Resigned  
  Mrs D.E.Hayward   Remedial   11/9/61-20/12/61    Resigned  
  Mr. Chris Lymbourides Remedial      
  Mrs. C.T. Hyman   Remedial   Speech English to foreign speakers  
  Mr. Hagi   Remedial   Non English  
  Mrs Jane Canelle   Remedial   2/5/60-29/3/61 Accepted post in Hugh Myddleton  
  Ann Hopkins   Unknown  
  Lesley Hicks   Unknown  
  Miss Anstell   Unknown  
  Miss Bride   Unknown  
  Miss Collison   Unknown  
  Miss Down   Unknown  
  Miss Elder   Unknown  
  Miss Fisher   Unknown  
  Miss Goody   Unknown  
  Miss Gunasekara    Unknown  
  Miss Holden   Unknown  
  Miss La Rose   Unknown  
  Miss Markson   Unknown  
  Miss Phillips   Unknown  
  Mr Coyle   Unknown  
  Mr Evans   Unknown  
  Mr P Jones   Unknown  
  Mr Sutton   Unknown  
  Mr Swindon   Unknown  
  Mr. Brown   Unknown  
  Mr. Catchpole   Unknown  
  Mr. Cousins   Unknown  
  Mr. Jedda   Unknown   Research Student  
  Mr. Peters   Unknown  
  Mrs Burdon   Unknown  
  Mrs Friell   Unknown  
  Mrs M.Roberts   Unknown   11/9/61-11/9/61 unknown or non-starter  
  Mrs Jones   Unknown  
  Mrs Russell   Unknown  
  Mrs Swan   Unknown  
  Mrs Zvia Felsenberg   Unknown   Artist/Sculptor attached to the school